Shar Moore

Born in Thailand from parents of Indian descent, and moving to Australia aged 4, Sharon Rani Moore (Shar) was raised in a traditional sense, abiding by the rules of her heritage. At the tender age of 11 Shar was betrothed in an arranged marriage set to take place when she was 15. All this happened from a country Victorian property in Australia, which provided a mixed and confused childhood.

Fortunately, her step-father stepped in at the last moment and, as soon as she was able, she broke away from her bridles to pursue a life of choice, freedom and a love of others. She has changed the outlook of many through her books, mentoring, courses, speaking engagements and lastly her personal development magazine YMag®.  Her gift to those in business and life.

Shar has helped thousands of people enjoy their life, shine and reach their highest potential. She has an incredible ability to help people see past the “vehicle” (product or service) of what they are doing and see the bigger picture. In 2018 received her second International award: ‘Woman of the Decade – Personal Leadership’.

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